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Student Advisory Board

The Weinberg College Student Advisory Board (SAB) is the primary source of student advice to the Dean of the College and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The SAB plays a central role in the College by:

Each year, the MENA program nominates a MENA major to join the board.

2020-2021 SAB Representative: Sandra Radwan

sandra-radwan-mena.pngSandra Radwan is majoring in Middle East and North African Studies with minors in both Legal Studies and International Studies. Sandra writes:

"I am Lebanese, and have always been proud of my heritage, and growing up as a first generation Lebanese-American, I always wanted to learn more about the region that my family is from. Foreign policy and international affairs have always been interests of mine as well, which is what led me to decide at a young age that I wanted to go into international law after college. The MENA and International Studies programs have become some of my favorite places on campus, and I always have such wonderful conversations with everyone in them. It brings a little piece of home to Northwestern, which is always nice to have."

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