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Turkish is considered a "critical foreign language" by the US Department of State. Turkish speakers are in high demand for work in both government and the nonprofit sector. Turkish is one of the globe's 15 most widely-spoken first languages. About 80 MILLION people speak Turkish as their first language.

Why learn Turkish?

See details about the Northwestern Turkish Program!

*  Study a language offered in very few universities in the US.

*  Turkish is the ONLY Middle Eastern language that uses the Latin script. It's a very regular and predictable language.Ithas no grammatical gender, articles, or irregular verbs. (Hooray!!!) 

Turkish Courses — Fall 2018

View Fall 2018 Turkish course schedule

Learning Turkish can get you a summer in Turkey!

Read about Dominic Balestrieri-Fox (WCAS '20), who recently won an American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) fellowship to study Turkish in Istanbul!



Turkish at NU — Outside the Classroom

Students who take Turkish at Northwestern enjoy participating in a variety of activities outside of the classroom, including:


Read: Dominic Balestrieri-Fox's Reflections on his Summer in Turkey

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