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Certificate in MENA Studies

Graduate Certificate in Middle East and North African Studies (MENA)

To complete a certificate in MENA, students must take 5 courses:

MENA 410 and/or MENA 411

MENA 412

MENA 415


Two or three electives related to MENA

Electives may be drawn from graduate offerings in departments including but not limited to: Anthropology, Art History, Comparative Literary Studies, History, Political Science, Religion, Radio/Television/Video/Film. All electives are by permission of the Program Director.

Language Requirement

The Program strongly encourages (and requires, in the case of the certificate) proficiency in one of the primary languages of the MENA region: Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew, or Tamazight.  The certificate language requirement may be satisfied by examination, either through Northwestern or an approved alternate; by oral examination/evaluation; or through a translation project supervised by a MENA faculty member and with approval of the DGS/Program Director.

Applying to the MENA Certificate

In order to petition to have a Graduate Certificate awarded and appear on the transcript, students must submit the  Application for a Graduate Certificate once all Graduate Certificate requirements have been completed, but no later than the time that the student files for graduation (in the final quarter of study). Please email for a link to the updated form. Each course counting toward the Graduate Certificate must be listed. The Application for Graduate Certificate requires approval by the Certificate Program Director and The Graduate School. For more information visit the TGS Graduate Certificate website.