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Middle East and North African Studies

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Exploring the MENA Region

Explore the courses our award-winning faculty are offering this year: History of the Modern Middle East, Introduction to Islam, U.S. Media Representations of the Middle East, Islamic Political Thought and Activism in the Modern Middle East, Interpreting Iran, A Muslim History of Europe, Sonic Practices in the Middle East, The Ottomans, and more!


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MENA faculty members produce cutting-edge research and public scholarship on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa, publishing articles in leading academic journals and books that are widely taught and make an impact both in the scholarly world and in the wider cultural conversation.


Studying a language of the Middle East and North Africa allows you to have a more intimate perspective on the cultures, histories, and societies of the region. Whether you choose to major in MENA or not, you may enroll in courses in any of the four major languages of the region: Arabic, Hebrew, PersianTurkish.

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MENA Graduate Student Colloquium

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, Online

Presenter: Jesús C. Muñoz (PhD Student, Comparative Literary Studies/MENA Program) Title: “Poetics of Glowing Histories in Flesh and Ar...

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Latest MENA News

MENA Graduate Student Azadeh Safaeian Awarded a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship
New article by Zekeria Ahmed Salem on "The Importance of Mauritanian Scholars in Global Islam"
New journal article by Shayna Silverstein on the "Audibility of Networked Performances in Protests and Funerals of the Arab Revolutions"
New article by Shayna Silverstein: "An (Un)Marked Foreigner: Race-Making in Egyptian, Syrian, and German Popular Cultures"
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd weighs in on the separatism bill and the “Islamo-leftism” controversy in France

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