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MENA Graduate Student Community

The graduate student branch of the Middle East and North African Studies Program seeks to advance the scholarly interests of Northwestern graduate students pursuing research on any topic related to the MENA region and its diasporas. It aims not only to foster a community for academic and professional growth but also to provide a sustainable dialogue amongst graduate students and faculty in MENA Studies. 

Open to all students in Northwestern's graduate and professional programs, MENA Graduate Student Community meets at least once a quarter. It hosts roundtable discussions, professional development opportunities, pedagogical workshops, film screenings, and other events in conjunction with the MENA Studies program.  

Students interested in joining can email the MENA Grad listserv at

Past Co-Chairs


Kyle Craig, Anthropology
Mariam Taher, Anthropology


Hazal Özdemir, History
Keegan Terek, Anthropology


Nicholas Bascuñan-Wiley, Sociology
Matthew Bent, Interdisciplinary Program in Theatre and Drama


Azadeh Safaeian, Comparative Literary Studies
Noran Mohamed, French and Italian


Rana Khoury, Political Science
Arif Camoglu, English


Magda Boutros, Sociology
Mona Oraby, Political Science


Sean Lee, Political Science
Rory Sykes, Art History