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Middle East and North African Studies

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MENA courses on offer in 2021-2022: Making the Modern Middle East; MENA Cinema after the Arab Spring; Arab Women Filmmakers; History of the Modern Middle East, 1789-Present; The Quest for Arab Independence after WWI; Solidarity Aesthetics; Ancient Empires; and more!
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MENA faculty members produce cutting-edge research and public scholarship on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa, publishing articles in leading academic journals and books that are widely taught and make an impact both in the scholarly world and in the wider cultural conversation.


Studying a language of the Middle East and North Africa allows you to have a more intimate perspective on the cultures, histories, and societies of the region. Whether you choose to major in MENA or not, you may enroll in courses in any of the four major languages of the region: Arabic, Hebrew, PersianTurkish.


We host a range of events over the course of the academic year, including a quarterly New Directions in Middle East & North African Studies lecture; our new MENA Conversations series; the MENA Graduate Student Colloquium; an annual Research Symposium; and events organized by our Working Groups.
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Working Groups

MENA Interdisciplinary Working Groups are designed to encourage active and emergent research agendas shared by faculty and graduate students, and to facilitate collaboration in Middle East and North African Studies across home departments, colleges, and campuses. 2021-2022 Working Groups:

  • Story-telling and Violence: Narratives of Insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Institutional Histories of Aesthetic Forms
  • Arabic Literature Reading Group

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