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Fahri Oz

Artist in Residence, Middle East and North African Studies

Fahri Öz is an ex-academic, translator and poet. After signing Academic for Peace declaration in 2016, he was dismissed in 2017 from his position at Ankara University, where he taught British and American poetry, poetic genres, literary history and translation. He translated into Turkish works by Christina Rossetti, Jack London, Saki, William Burroughs and Bob Dylan. He co-authored and co-edited a collection of very short fiction in Turkish called Hayat Kısa Proust Uzun. His first book of poems, Meşrutiyet Çok Bulutlu On Beş Santigrat Yağmur Olasılığı Sıfır, came out in 2019. In 2021, Oz was one of the residents of IWP at University of Iowa, where he also taught at the MFA in Literary Translation. Currently he has been translating Whitman’s complete poems into Turkish in four volumes, the first two volumes of which has so far been published. Concomitantly, he is working on translation of Emily Dickinson’s complete poems into Turkish.